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  • Donna Vance:

    PitBoss has the best BBQ locally I’ve ever tasted.

  • Nancy Laughter:

    If you want the best BBQ try PitBoss… it’s the greatest! Flavor like I’ve never tasted before!

  • Brad Bryan:

    You want good BBQ?? PitBoss is the best around. Nobody does it better! You’ll never meet nicer people. David and Lucretia, Robert and Janet. Their tops in my book.

  • Melinda Bryan:

    You’ll love Pit Boss BBQ! Mouth-watering flavor! Try it…you’ll agree.

  • John:

    Seriously, the brisket is amazing! It even breaks apart with a cheap plastic fork.
    By the way… there are advantages to working alongside one of the guys behind this magic they call BBQ; I get leftovers sometimes. ;)

    Great job guys!

  • Beej:

    Some seriously awesome bbq. My wife and I came up during the Apple Festival and decided to drop by and have lunch. It turned out being a great decision. Incredible flavor!

  • mike murphy:

    absolutely great BBQ at Grandad`s today, Will plan lunch there next Sunday before we play some bluegrass there!

  • jennifer marshall:

    Thanks for the trip back to Moonshine Mountain…we LOVE the BBQ and Brisket. It’s the main reason we keep coming back there tubing!!! The Hartsville, SC group!

  • Mike:

    I’m originally from West Tennessee and Love good BBQ. I am always hesitant about getting my wife and myself a sandwich because of all the not so good BBQ we’ve gotten from other places in the past. But I decided I would ask what kind of BBQ you had. The man at the window discussed the BBQ and sauces with me and told me something I’ll always remember about your BBQ. He said (you want get nothing bad here). Boy was he ever so right.

    We got the Vinegar sauce and we didn’t start eating our sandwiches until we were back on I-26. This was a big mistake because when I took that first bite I knew I’d made a big mistake not getting at least two sandwiches each. Well by then it was too far to go back since we had a few more hours to drive.

    Since I Left Tennessee I’ve eaten BBQ in several areas of North Carolina, South Carolina and even some places in Tennessee but none of those places can compare will your BBQ. I’ll have to say that was the best BBQ sandwich I’ve eaten since I moved from my home town in Tennessee.


  • Jon:

    “Best Q I have ever tasted! Pit Boss BBQ catered a seminar at my office tonight. We even had clients say it was the best they have tasted as well. Thanks Pit Boss!”

  • Angie:

    Had a brisket sandwich this weekend from the PitBoss BBQ at Mt Heritage Day in Cullowhee, NC. It was AMAZING! So delicious. My son got some chicken strips that were delicious as well. The best food at the festival!!

  • Brittany:

    Hi Janet!

    We just wanted to let you know that the food was AMAZING! Everyone raved about the bbq and chicken, and we had plenty for everyone. We love bbq, and have to say that it’s some of the best we’ve ever had! We even had enough to have it again for dinner last night. :-)

    Thanks to everyone at Pit Boss, and tell David (and his helper) thanks so much for delivering the food! It was a huge help and really made my day so much more relaxing since I didn’t even have to worry about that part of the party. We will definitely see you guys again, and will recommend you to everyone we know!

    Thanks again!

  • Kimbery:

    We would love some BBQ for the 4th of July. Is There any way to order some.

  • Abid:

    Brian Smith on I was in Raleigh visiting old frdiens. We had a decent dinner there during Raleigh’s Dining out week. The food is good, … on The Well at Five Points is re-opening on August 30th.deb in raleigh on North Raleigh really needed Sola Cafe! It’s clean and homey and get the TANGERINE AND GINGER ICED TEA.

  • Dearborn McHaley Sherren:

    Pit Boss Bar-B-Que catered our wedding on September 5, 2015 and provided us and our guests with the most amazing meal!! The Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Fried Chicken, Mac n’ Cheese, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, and Banana Pudding were all absolutely amazing! Our guests could not stop raving about how delicious Pit Boss’s food was and we had multiple people returning for seconds and asking for their names! Additionally, the staff was polite, attentive and very professional. The buffet looked amazing, the food was piping hot, and their set-up and break-down was super efficient. They even made sure we had two plates of food boxed and refrigerated for after the wedding was over! Thank you so much for making our wedding reception amazing!

  • Candy:

    We visited Granddaddy’s apples on Sat 10.8 and had Pit’s bbq. It was so good, we traveled from Chimney Rock, back to Granddad’s to have it again on Sunday. We love the BBQ!! The Chicken tenders, fries, and sweat tea are great!

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